Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FabFitFun Box Review


We're finally past that grey week between Christmas and New Years, and it's time to get back to work! Back in November I saw a sponsored ad on Instagram for the FabFitFun Monthly Subscription Box and was actually intrigued. Normally I find sponsored ads irritating, because they ruin the steady stream of cute puppies and cute babies on my Insta.  (Is that the proper usage of slang? I'm trying to be hip and cool, but a mom of three that loves Harry Potter is bound to struggle.)

I went searching for reviews and there was tons of positive ones, but they were all from people that had gotten the box for free. I don't know about you, but no matter how many times a blogger says that free stuff doesn't influence their decision, I don't really believe it. Free stuff is always better, right?

So, here's my review of their new Editor's Box, and I paid for it, so you know I'm telling the truth. Well.....I did use a coupon code since it was my first one, but you get the idea.

I had a couple of friends ask what this was. The FabFitFun is a subscription box like others you may have seen (BirchBox, Ipsy, Sock of Month, BooklyBox, Bark Box, Nerd Box...there's literally a subscription box for everything) As the name may suggest, it's full of items that are either beauty related (the fab part), health related (the fit part) or just fun. Instead of doing a monthly subscription, they do a box every 3 months (each season). The box I got was the Editor's Box so it was a mixture of the "favorite" (aka leftover) items throughout the year's other boxes. So it wasn't quite as seasonally themed as some of the other ones are. Nothing in the box is a sample's all full size. Also, they promise each box has a retail value of at least $200.00. So, for $49.99 (or $39.99 with a coupon), it's a pretty good deal.

I decided to try it out because 1) it's a pretty good deal, 2) I thought it would be a fun treat for myself every couple of months, and 3) I'm no longer getting Christmas card mail and I need something to fill the hole left in my heart from not getting cheerful happy mail.

Now that I have broke down what this box is all about, let's take a look at what I got in my 2016 Editor's Box.

Here's what the box looked like when it arrived. OoooAhhhh.

Opening the box it was all nicely wrapped up. I'm a fan of a good packaging job. 

Yeah...I'm not going to use that gift card for Hello Fresh. Please see last post about my utter disdain for all things cooking related.

The first item was a dainty gold necklace that said "dream." I'm a sucker for a dainty necklace so I'm happy with this.

I'm also a sucker for a blanket scarf. Just ask my husband about the scarf rack behind our bedroom door. Blanket scarves are the best. It's like you're lounging around in your house with a blanket over you except it's fashionable and hides the food stains I have created down the front of all my shirts. 

Although I never know what to wear these scarves with. Just solids? Mix with stripes? I'M LOST PEOPLE. HELP.

Hair oil stuff. I have no idea how to use this. I shall use the Google machine to figure out this mysterious ointment.

Lip gloss. I don't wear lip stuff like ever (except my one tube of Lipsense that I really do like) Hopefully this isn't like a neon green color.'s kinda dark. The color is "Lucky" It's actually very very nice. See obligatory selfie below.

Lotion. Smells good. It fulfills what I require of lotions.

Coffee cup. Ah. I love coffee cups. I would dedicate half of the kitchen I rarely use to coffee, and its associated drinking apparatuses if I could. Husband hates my ever growing cup collection. He's just jealous of my affection for coffee.

Mineral Peel Face stuff. I do have to say out of all the things I got out of this box, this is surprisingly my favorite. I don't do a whole lot face cleansing wise (I also don't wear make-up...I'm trying to be authentic. Ha! Mostly just lazy and cheap) so this was a surprising favorite. It smells good and it seems to really work. (Oh and please don't comment about how I should try R + F. I don't have the money, time, or interest for that. I don't want to waist your time pitching to me.)

Nail Polish. I have nothing witty to add here. It goes on your fingers or if you're my son, you're entire foot.

I have to admit, when I saw this color, I was kinda like, "Welp, there has to be some things I'm not going to like in the box." So I tried it out on my daughter. It's actually surprisingly neutral on, and I was digging it. My daughter, however, did not because it was neon colored with sparkles. 

Coloring book. I have like a million of these, and I am still happy to get them. They are really great for vacation or camping when I'm avoiding technology.

So here's the lip gloss. I'm actually really liking the color. I've thrown it into my purse to put on when I remember. 

Selfies aren't really my thing. Don't I look half asleep? Ah, I probably was half know. Baby and all. Here's the scarf. I like it. Still...send help on how to wear it. Please.  

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