Saturday, September 27, 2014

Small Business Saturday: Aviena in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Last week I started a weekly post where I'm going to spot light some of my favorite small businesses. I love the unique options local businesses have to offer, and you can't beat the people. I always find a friendly face when I stop by these shops. I'm a bit (okay...a lot) of a chatty cathy, and I feel like I'm walking into Cheers when I stop by Main Street, U.S.A. Rest assured. I get nothing from promoting these businesses. I just want to share the little gems I have found in the midwest.

This week I'm featuring Aviena in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Click here for their Facebook page) I found this shop while cruising Craigslist. They have a nice mix of vintage clothing and repurposed furniture (from local artists). They are also a Annie Sloan stockist. (I recently painted my bathroom vanity with Annie Sloan in just an hour. Love the stuff.) I had a nice chat with the owner when I was in last time about Annie Sloan and the available furniture pieces in the store. I love how unique everything is...but things go fast! I had a cabinet in mind, and it sold the morning I came in. Only an hour late! Shoot. I had to settle for some paint. (Settle as in I would have bought it anyways!) The staff at Aviena is great about putting available clothing and furniture on their Facebook, so you can see what is new.

All pictures came from Aviena's Facebook page. Please visit & like!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Show & Tell: Aqua & Coral Bedroom Progress


It's been a busy week. I finally finished up painting my daughter's bedroom set, and her room is almost complete. I still have a laundry list of things to do before I will call this a true "after," but I thought I would share the progress thus far & maybe get some ideas from you out in blogland.

My daughter's almost finished room. The yellow light bulb casts a bit of a yellow hue, but the walls are certainly true coral.
My daughter insisted on a pink bedroom. I loved the coral bags available from Thirty-One, and I decided I was going interpret "pink" into "coral" (and then justify buying all the Coral gingham prints available), My mother-in-law was nice enough come and paint the kids rooms before we moved in so on move in day the room was definitely coral. And definitely burned your retinas bright. I used some white and aqua accents to tone down the coral.

I love how some items are turning out. For example, I love the bird house sheet I found on Amazon that is being used as a curtain. I need to cut it into two panels and hem up the curtain. Other things I'm not so sure about. The room just doesn't seem as finished as my son's room.

The light fixture has got to go. The dark trim and doors have to go white with all that crazy coral. I feel like her artwork is all over the place. The pieces over the bed might need to be updated to something less nursery. The room seems to be missing something. More pillows? More art? Less coral? Any ideas?



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Show & Tell: Bathroom Mini-Reveal


It's a rainy cool fall day here, which means I have been in project mode. It's funny how I always get a ton of projects done when the weather is terrible. I am usually holed up in the garage or basement trying to paint something when it would be much easier to finish the project outside on a 70 degree day. However, I love to play with my kiddos when it's nice. So, rainy days are movie and project days.

I told you a few weeks ago that I have a 2 am remodeling problem (Click here for the post). The clock hits 2, and I always want to rip something up and/or paint something. Last night the bug hit again, and I decided to paint my bathroom vanity. The added benefit of 2 am remodeling is there are no kids to interrupt, and my husband that can't say no. :)

This is a "mini-reveal" in the sense this is nothing close to the plans I have for the bathroom. After we're done with the kitchen, the bathroom will get 1) a new white 3 drawer vanity with a undermount sink, 2) new light fixtures, 3) new hexagon marble tile, 4) paint, and 5) new mirror (I think I already purchased the one I love).

Until we finish the kitchen, I decided I'd try to improve what is already there. I may paint the walls and trim before the big remodel just because there are quite a few holes filled in, and I may take down the builder grade mirror to replace with the vintage one I bought this past weekend at an antique store for $8.00.


The current light fixtures. I have some new silver pendants picked out.

The vanity isn't in terrible shape, but the room is already dark without having a dark vanity taking up half the room. The knobs in the center of the doors on the bottom drove me crazy. Who would ever use them there?

The old towel bar. I actually meant to keep this and spray paint it and reuse it elsewhere in the house, but I accidentally tossed it. Oh well. Probably good for my material hording tenancies.

After the Mini Makeover

New double shower curtain, new towel bars, new knobs at new locations, Annie Sloan paint, custom mix (3/4 Pure White & 1/4 Providence). I haven't done the protecting layer on top yet. I'm still trying to decide between the recommended wax v. poly.

This is the mirror I picked up at the local antique place. It's beveled with a slight scallop design. I think it would add just the right amount of vintage & girly-ness to the bathroom. The manly bathroom will be downstairs. (sorry for the's hard to photograph a mirror!) Now I just have to remove that builder grade mirror. And it's not going to be easy I have a feeling....


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Small Business Saturday: Farmhouse Fancy & Tattered Creations in Brookings, South Dakota


My kids are away at my parents for a fun filled (candy filled) weekend, so I took the opportunity to do some junk shopping...and napping. Oh man...I LOVE sleeping. There was a great garage sale/antiques sale at a barn on Highway 14. I got an entire box of pots and pans for the mud kitchen for only $2.00 (Click here for the mud kitchen post) and a mirror that will eventually make its way into our basement bathroom. I also picked up some fun little finds at some local antique places including one little yellow Pyrex dish.

But the best find of the day was a new shop in Brookings called "Farmhouse Fancy" (Click here for their Facebook). It's refinished furniture with a rustic touch. Lots of great finds. I'm currently looking around my house to find what could be replaced with her furniture. I love to refinish furniture myself, but sometimes (especially if it involves fabric) I'd rather just buy a piece from someone else. They do all the hard work and put all the love and care into the piece, and I just get to enjoy it...and usually think of something I haven't thought of. Here's some of the pieces available today, but inventory is always changing so you should just keeping going in...make it's part of your routine shopping. :)

These shelves are cream and grey. I love them. I really want to find a place for them in our house. They would fit in perfect with the colors I have picked out for Ugly House.

These candle sticks made their way home with me. Cream on the bottom with aqua candles. Love them! I want to have a special dinner to just pull them out. Until then they are going to stay with my Pyrex hutch. (Check out that post here)

They had a set of these chairs with a wonderful matching side table. It's my favorite color with my favorite type of fabric. I wish I had a nice little area to put them. Can you imagine them on an enclosed porch? Baby room?

Also, there's some beautiful handmade children/baby items available! The headbands and totes are made by Amber at Tattered Creations (Click here for her Facebook). The headbands are super cute. I bought two barrettes for my daughter today who is now sporting a new short do as part of a DIY hair cut she tried last weekend. I wasn't overly impressed with her work. I have some friends that are expecting, and I look forward to stocking them up on cute headbands.

There's also so many great fun blankets as well. I am going to add those to my list of must have baby gifts.

As always, support your local small business owners! Think about the difference you're making to a local family by shopping local!

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