Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY Sunday: No Sew Hair Bow

Hello There!

Today we braved family pictures . Kristin Zehner (of Kristin Zehner Photography) did a great job with our semi-grumpy children (well, one very unimpressed 10 month old and one hyper 3 year old). I saw one picture in camera, and I loved what I saw. I took some pictures of my own this past week since I had my nice camera out from a baby shower I helped throw for a friend (blog post to come on those DIY projects). I realized about 10 seconds into taking pictures of my daughter that I could never be a child photographer. She either was 1) moving 2) sticking her tongue out or 3) giving me a super cheese smile. I did get a few cute pictures, but it solidified my choice to hire Kristin.

Since these were our first official family pictures (I have always done them myself), I spent a few days obsessing on what my family should wear. Heeding a pinterst post advice, I first picked my outfit and then picked everyone's clothes after that.

My daughter didn't have a thing to wear (she had pretty much out grown any "nice" fall clothes), so I bit the bullet and ordered a dress from Crazy 8.

Since nothing ever goes according to plan, the dress is going to be delivered to my house tomorrow. Less than impressed that my item shipped with FedEX from California last week, and it took almost 8 days to get here.

So we were back to the drawing board. I found a pretty cute denim dress from Gap, but it lacked the yellow color that we had been weaving into each outfit. Time for a hair bow! Since my daughter now has short hair, we're starting to "girl" it up more lately with bows. 

This fabric came from a fabric de-stash of my grandma's basement. It's funny that this was in style about 40 years ago and is now back in style.

Okay. Enough rambling. Time for the No Sew Hair Bow!


Headband (great project for a older headband sitting around that is stained)
Fabric (very small amount...good scrap busting project)
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Cost: Free! I had all the supplies already. Time: About a half hour.


1. Cut a long strip that is about 2.25 times wider than your headband and just a bit longer. No need to be exactly straight since you'll trim the excess.

2. Leaving enough space on each side to wrap the fabric around the headband, use your hot glue to affix the fabric to the top of the headband.

3. Stretch the fabric to the back and glue in place. You will need to also fold over and glue the ends on the bottom of the headband once you're done with the back. Use some small detail scissors to cut the excess fabric. You can do a thin layer of glue on the seam to keep it from fraying.

4. Next you will need to cut a piece for the bow. The size depends on how big you want the bow. I cut a few pieces, folded over and held in a bow design so I could see how big the bow would be before picking a piece.

5. You will fold "hot dog" style right side to ride side. Putting the glue on the right side (inside the 'sandwich'), glue the long side down.

6. Pull the fabric inside out through the small opening on either end so you now see the right side.

7. Fold over each side so the bow is the size you'd like it to be. Glue down

8. Cut a thin strip of fabric to wind around the bow. (I did not do a inside out piece, but to avoid fraying you may want to do the same method you used for the bow) Secure the end of the strip to the back of the bow and then wind a couple of times, then glue down on the back. Put on the headband where you desire and wind around a couple more times around the bow and the headband. Secure end with some hot glue on the back of the headband. 


We wore the bow for almost the entire time we took pictures! Then promptly threw it on the ground when we got home. 

Here's a couple of the pictures I took last week. At least I got one good one of both kids.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Sunday: Race Bib Sign

Hello Everyone!!

I have a Pinterest Project to share with you today. There are many different Race Bib projects on Pinterest, so I decided to try my hand at one. (Here's the original pin) You could get really creative and add hooks at the bottom for metals, but I'm not that advanced with my running yet. :) Just race bibs for me!


Wooden Board from Hobby Lobby ($2.99, but caught it on sale for 40% off)
Cool Barn Wood Scrapbook Paper ($0.29)
Mod Podge ($2.00 or so worth)
Silhouette Machine cutting "Races" (you could also use an exacto knife if you don't have a Silhouette or scrapbook letter stickers)
Cup Hooks ($0.50 or so)
White Acrylic Paint ($0.30 or so worth)
Alligator picture hanger for the pack ($0.25 or so)

Total: Approximately  $4.80


1. Cut the barn wood paper. I laid my piece of paper on the top of the wooden board and creased the paper along the edges of the top. I used the creases as a guideline to cut the paper.

2. Paint wood with white paint.

3. Get to Mod Podging! First, do a light layer of Mod Podge on the board and place the barn wood paper on the top of the board. Make sure you work quickly, and make sure the paper is placed on the board evenly. I didn't work quite fast enough and ended up with some wrinkles. Learn from my mistake! Then do a nice light layer on the top of the barn wood paper and place your "Races" paper on the top. Finally, do a coat on top to seal everything in. Several light coats are the best way to put the Mod Podge on. If you notice your last layer isn't drying quickly, do a quick coat of a clear spray on top.

4. Next put an alligator picture hanger on the back in the center. Very easy to hammer in on the soft wood.

5. Put your cup hooks into the wood (also very easy with the soft wood). I took the widest race bib I had and used it as a guide for where I wanted the hooks.

6. Ta Da! Hang up on the wall in a location that you will see when you need that extra bit of motivation to get out and run!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Handmade Christmas Round-Up

Hello Friends!

It's about the time of year when we think forward to Christmas. If you're going to make some gifts, you're probably starting to gather ideas and supplies. I've created a round up of all the gifts I made last year. I can safely say that all are still in use and holding up quite well (well...except for my felt cotton dog must have thought it tasted delish because he ate the entire thing stuffing included.)

I'm making plans for this coming year as well and hope to to some posts here soon about all the wonderful things I have made. Okay. This year might be a bit rough with my bar review, but I might do a post of the wonderful things I would attempt to make if I had any time at all. Eh. So goes life!

Last year's Homemade Christmas Posts (Visit my Pinterest Board where I keep my inspiration/to do list!)



Thirty One Tips and Tricks: Kids on the Go Activity Bag!

Hello There!

Last weekend we went on car trip, and I got the chance to use my new Timeless Beauty Bag. I have the hostess exclusive beauty bag, and it's huge and wonderful. I haven't had the need for the smaller Timeless Beauty Bag, but I was in the need of something to hang up the iPad on the back of my seat. The TBB is perfect that purpose. I put the iPad on the top pocket, put stickers in the smaller pocket and put the color sheets in the bottom pocket. My daughter can reach the bottom pocket and her colors, but can't reach the iPad. Perfect! The beauty bag has a buckle handle on top that allows you hang the bag from the back of a seat. You can still navigate the screen while it's in the pocket!

I love it so much and it folded up so nice and easy, so I decided it's perfect to keep in the diaper bag. I have pulled it out in restaurants or while waiting for appointments. Great way to keep everything together!

Perfect for markers and crayons!

Folds up so nice and easy!

Fits so nice in the diaper bag so I just keep it with me!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pyrex Passion: South Dakota Finds


I hit up a few antique shops while in South Dakota this weekend and hit a jackpot of Pyrex at one!

I picked up a few unique pieces (Blue Horizon and Barbwire). Both collections are items I haven't seen in person before so I was excited to find them. There was a gold swirl chip and dip set with the metal dip clip included. I was in love but it was a bit above my price limit. Maybe a different day. 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show and Tell: Fabric Flower Makeover

Hello there! 

It's about that time of year where I trade out my spring and summer flowers for some nice fall ones. I changed out my pillows this week and my front door wreath was next.  (Click here for my post about my "Trick or Treat" pillows)

I've posted about my wreath before (here) so it's nothing new. I did get a bit crazy with the fabric flower making. I think it's a bit much but eh, who cares? 


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Sunday: Trick or Treat Reversible Pillows

Hello There!

I think you've probably caught on by now that when I say "DIY Sunday" I mean "DIY: Whenever I get around to posting." Ah, so is the life with a full time job and two kids. And I'm going to take the bar in February, so I fear that once I start my bar review (hopefully next week) it's going to get worse. Sorry about that. Or in an effort to procrastinate, my projects will explode (hoping to avoid that scenario!). My house is always clean when I should be doing something else.

Anyways, here's a fun project I saw on Pinterest. I like to think that I was once creative. Now I'm just a Pinterest copy cat. So, I have three pillows on my porch swing. (Check out my post about them here). They are in a fun summer outdoor fabric.

I decided I need to "Fall" them up with some burlap covers. I followed the same method I did with my living room pillows when it came to making the covers (Check out this blog post for instructions). Two half yard pieces make just about a perfect cover for a standard size pillow. The less measuring the better!

Once I made the covers (with a sewing machine it's a 10-20 minute project), I used some acrylic paint to make the two sayings. (Yes, two...stick with me here). I used outdoor paints on my original pillow and it's lasted a year, but I figured that since these won't be outside that long (two months max) I could just use plain ol' craft paint. I'm going to try to find something fun and different for Christmas.

I decided that I was going to make my pillows reversible. So one set says, "Trick or Treat" and the backs say "Give Thanks"...I also made a fun orange chevron pillow cover for the fall. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate the fabric into my Halloween decorations.

So, here's two months of decorations with just one night and about $5.00 in supplies!

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