Sunday, March 29, 2015

DIY Sunday: Silhouette Vinyl Accent Wall

Happy Weekend!

A couple of months ago I shared my daughter's room (View the post here). It's very coral/pink. That was her one request when we went to move, and we decided to go with it. I felt like her room was missing something and threw the question out to you readers to give some recommendations.

One very good idea that was brought up a couple of times was doing something with the main wall. We just finished the Wizard of Oz, and we're on a bit of a rainbow kick. So, the idea started out with rainbows. I decided that I didn't want to go full on rainbow (that wall is pretty bright without adding in red and yellow). So, that idea moved to rain clouds.

A couple of years ago I got a Silhouette cutting machine. It's like the Cricut machine, except you have the freedom to create your own shapes. No cartridges to buy. You can buy individual shapes, you can find silhouettes online and trace them, or if you're really tech savvy, create your own shapes.

On this particular project, that's precisely what I did. I did a simple Google search of "cloud silhouette" and pulled a piece of clip art in the public domain to trace. I did the same with the hearts that I used as raindrops.

Shortly after getting my Silhouette machine, I also discovered that vinyl is much cheaper online. This entire project cost me about $10.00. I order all my vinyl through Expressions Vinyl. They are a family owned company out of Idaho. I have never had a bad order experience, and I usually get my order within just a few days.

The entire project took a half hour or so to create on my computer and another half hour to cut. The application was pretty darn easy since there wasn't the need for a transfer paper. Oh man, I hate using transfer paper. The vinyl is a pretty bold statement, but for a little girls room, I think it works. And if I grow to hate it, it's completely removable!




Friday, March 27, 2015

Small Business Saturday: Bundle of Joy in Brookings, South Dakota


It's national "All Krista's friends have a baby" month. You didn't know that was a thing? Apparently it is because I have 5 different people to who need baby gifts this month, and they are all having boys! (Yay!) When I have the time, I try to give baby gifts that are one part handmade and one part store bought. Lately that means that one part is knitted, and the other part something cute and cuddly. Local shops are one of the best place to pick up high quality useful baby items. Plus, as always, there is an added benefit of shopping local.

Brookings has a gem of a baby and maternity shop. Bundle of Joy Maternity and Baby Boutique (Click here for their Facebook page) is right on 6th Street in front of the movie theater. It has some seriously cute baby clothes and some stylish maternity offerings.

Most of all, it features some of my own favorite brands when I had newborns in the house. Boba carriers in stock (I love love babywearing). Sophie the Giraffe (what is it about that french giraffe that kids love?), aden + anais swaddle blankets and burp cloths, and Ruffle Butts (as seen on my husband and I's favorite show, Shark Tank). Loads of items for breastfeeding and fetal monitoring are also available.

When I had my daughter, I did the typical big box store registering/shopping trips. I got the big items on the "must register for" lists. However, I realized after I had been a mom for a couple of months, that the "must register" items available at big box stores didn't always live up to the hype. For instance there are baby carriers. You go into register, you see something like a Baby Bjorn, you think "hey, everyone uses these things, I should get one." You get one and realize your kid thinks it's form of torture, and you don't use it. I started to do some research on baby wearing when I had to fly alone with my 18 month old and just like that I started to learn about some awesome babywearing options. I got a stretchy wrap and a Ergo and never looked back. So, do yourself a favor and skip the must have items other people tell you to get, save yourself time and money, and visit a local baby shop. They have the expertise and experience with the newest products on the market. A Ergo might not be what is perfect for you, but a local business can talk to you about what will be perfect.

In addition to having some real quality products in the store, the owner Laura is a joy to talk with. She is helpful and enthusiastic about her work. When I mentioned that I had been in search of Jellycat stuffed animals (which is the best stuffed animals, in case you're wondering), she pulled out her iPad and wrote down the brand. Her packaging is also gift worthy in itself.

So check out Bundle of Joy if you're expecting or are also celebrating your own "All My Friends Are Having Babies" month!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Show & Tell: Children's Junk Chair Rehab

Hello There!

Today I have a fun before & after to share. I picked up some fun metal chairs from my local Habitat for Humanity a couple of months ago. I was waiting for some warm weather to give it a proper rehabilitation. The chairs were very sturdy and had a ton of my husband. (Bam!)


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ugly House Office Renovation Reveal

Good Morning! 

First off, if you've got some mad detective skills, you may have noticed a new website address. I finally got a domain name for my blog! I figured 7 years was long enough to stay hosted on Blogger.

Second, I'm finally {mostly} done with my office renovation! The work was primarily cosmetic, but a couple weeks of work (with two kids under 5) made a huge difference. The only thing left is to recover my office chair. Check out Ugly House's home office post-renovation!

I started the organizing process, but other things started piling up.

 A hodge podge of what storage I had and the colors already on the wall.


New DIY desk. Click on here for the tutorial.

New magnetic message boards. Click here for the tutorial.

DIY paint marker accent wall (Click here for the tutorial)

Paint Area

Paint Supplies (I paint a lot)

DIY Industrial Lights. (Click here for the tutorial)

DIY White board. White board vinyl from my local dollar tree. 

Simple organization using chalkboard labels from the dollar section from the Dollar Tree.

New fabric cover over the lamp shade. New Thirty-One organization on a rolling wire cart.

My daughter drew me a picture of the two of us holding hands.

New panels sewn for my metal printing shelf. 

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