Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Magnetic Letters

Hi Everyone!

A quick short project. I have a textbook type-a personality. I never stop making lists and everything has a place (and probably a laminated label) in my house.

My craft room was missing one important element: a project list.

I got one of those magnetic white boards. But, that by itself is just boring. So, I created magnetic letters. Now, I used my magnetic letters for the word "project" but I can think of other possibilities. Maybe a "chore" board with each child's name. Or maybe do numbers and create a calendar. A more stylish alternative to the traditional magnetic letters on your fridge. You see how you can use this for all sorts of projects.

Magnetic Letters


Chipboard letters
Old promotional magnet
Glue stick

Cut the free promotional magnet into small pieces that would fit on the back of the chipboard letter. I used a simple Elmer's glue stick to keep the magnets on the back of the chipboard. It's been weeks and they haven't budged.

Okay, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do this project. But, it's an idea and it looks pretty fun.

My project board...already full of projects.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project Sneak Peak


I have a little sneak peak of a project I've been working on slowly over the past few weeks.

My dad made me this washing machine podium...which ended up not being needed. How could I let it go to waste?

Not done yet...but getting there.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Craft Room Paint Over

Hello There,

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my project ADD. I had decided to paint my craft room and it had taken it while to actually finish the project. I'm happy to say that the painting portion is done! I still have some plans for those shelves that hang over as well as that window that we have insulation in right now. (So, it's not completely done yet!)

I had thought about using a green floral fabric as my inspiration. I decided I couldn't do that because I love color too much. I try to tone it down around the house, but I can't tone it down in the one room that is really mine.

The inspiration for my craft room was Amy Butler's Love Periwinkle Paradise Garden print.

Color is more correct in the first picture, but you get the idea of the print in the second

Craft Room "Before"

Green walls and a loud armoire..not so pretty

Craft Room After

New blue walls and yellow armoire...desk is now yellow too.

Opposite corner....just brought a tv into the room. Makes sewing go faster.

Armoire Before & After

Just a little information about my painting experience.

Walls with their first coat of primer

To cover the dark green, I did two coats with a primer. The paint experts at my local Ace Hardware said I'd probably be good with just one coat, but it was pretty clear that the green was going to show through without two.

I went for the more expensive Kilz in a hope it would help cover. I didn't see much difference between the least expensive Kilz and this mid-level Kilz

I decided to try the very expensive ($50 a gallon!?!?) Benjamin Moore Aura paint to see if it would cover better and thus be around the same price as two gallons of the cheap stuff.

Well, it definately covered better than Dutch Boy & Walmart's Colorplace. Hands down. Not only did it go on thicker and prevent color from showing through, but it also seems to go further. It spreads out and creates a nice smooth finish. The coverage was about the same as the Kilz paint I've used before, but the smooth finish is better with the Benjamin Moore Aura.

I should note that the armoire was painted with Benjamin Moore's lowest price point paint "Ben." The coverage seemed to be the same; however, the finish wasn't as smooth. I think that the "Ben" would have worked for what I needed...however it's not low VOC either..which was nice. I liked the fact the Aura didn't stink up the house and is better for the environment.

All in all I had to do two coats of primer and two coats of paint.

The color is "Crystal River." That isn't a Benjamin Moore color (I found their colors to be a bit fuddy duddy). It's an Ace Hardware color I had tinted with the Benjamin Moore Aura paint.

The armoire is in "Golden Honey" which is a Benjamin Moore color.

I sprung for Benjamin Moore's expensive Aura paint hoping to save myself some time painting.

I used the heck out of these cheap edging paint pads.

The process I used was new for me, but probably isn't for your paint pros. I didn't bother to tape. I used a drop cloth. I "cut" in along the edges with the paint pad (it actually did a really good job keeping paint off the trim and making a straight line) then used a roller on the wall, keeping a wet edge as I went. This process worked really well and I would definately do it again.

To paint the armoire and the desk, I first sanded everything. Both were that fake wood/mdf junk you find with cheaper furniture. Since the black desk was so far from the yellow, I also used some spray primer I had sitting around. Both used three coats of the "Ben" paint. I used a "smooth" finish roller and paint brush. The knobs on the armoire were spray painted white. I think I'm going to eventually change them out, but that worked for now. Both the desk and armoire got a coat of clear glossy spray paint over the top of the paint to keep it durable.

Hope that helps someone who is thinking about painting!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Craft Fair...Done and Done

Hi Everyone,

As I've been mentioning, I tried my hand at a craft fair for the first time this weekend. It was a small one with a relatively small entry fee. I just wanted to get my feet wet and see what I could accomplish. Well, there wasn't a great turn out, and I only made my entry fee back. On top of that, I'm sicker than a dog. You know how hard it is to blow your nose at a craft fair?!? Usually I would remove myself to the restroom, but that really wasn't an option. I used half of container of hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of my own germs.

At first this whole thing was disappointing. But then I remembered that I got more than a few dollars from the experience. I got my name out there. I got to practice for a larger craft fair. I definitely learned what will work for my display and what won't. I also learned what was going to be my big seller (wipe cases? who would have thought). I also got a request to sell some of my things at a local shop. So all in all it was successful.

Last post I shared the signage I made for my display. I thought I would share the process I used to figure out my booth.

My "Table"

I didn't have a spare 8 foot table sitting around, so I had to measure out how much space I was going to have. I grabbed some painter's blue tape and my floor.

My practice table...I ended up switching it a bit at the actual show

I knew from my massive amount of research that different levels were important as well as unique displays. I didn't really have that unique of a display compared to some other booths. That's definitely something I'll work on improving with shows.

Wipe cases all wrapped up and ready for the show.

I wrapped up all my products in nice little bows so they would look pretty. Once I got to the show, I soon discovered that customers liked to physically open and close them and they were put off by the packaging. Lesson learned.

Burp cloths I rushed to not sell.

Wipe cases went over really well. I'll keep this display in the future.

My booth. I'll definitely iron my tablecloth next time, nix the baby leg display (I got to figure out something more tangible), and try to make it more "store like" rather just a table set up.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Photo Frame Sign


I've been brainstorming ideas for a sign for my craft booth this weekend. Eventually I'll probably want to get a nice vinyl one, but right now I just need something small.

I got this idea from my sister-in-law. She has these large frames in her house with those fun sayings and cute fabric behind it. She used the vinyl wall art that is so popular right now. If I had a Silhouette paper cutting machine, I would have tried that. But, I didn't have a way to get the right font with vinyl letters. (So if you can use vinyl, do! It will last much longer)

While looking for my t-shirt transfer paper (to make some logo shirts for the show this weekend), I found this little gem I had bought five years ago. It was window clings you can print using your home computer. So, I got a longer frame from Wal-Mart, printed the letters on my window cling paper and cut a piece of fabric to fit in the frame.

Letters before attaching. I couldn't figure out the mirror print option, so I had to attach the window clings on the outside of the frame...Inside would have worked much better.

Pretty nice sign for my first craft show this weekend!

This project isn't only for craft would also work great for wall art in your home.

I'm pretty excited for my first craft show. I'll have pictures to share next week. Here are two new wipe cases I did tonight. One features an upcycled sweater I found a few years ago.

Upcycled sweater wipe case. I still need to add the trim.



Friday, April 1, 2011

I picked the title "Dabbling Crafter" for a reason!

Hello There!

I don't quite have any projects to post, because I decided to start 10 at one time and they are all taking a while to finish. (I just finished painting the craft room & fabric cabinet...working on the chair and desk and an ottoman) However, I thought I would pass along my newest hobby. I've tried knitting and crocheting in the past....and lets say that I didn't continue down that path for long. In fact I'm not sure if I even got 2 stitches done.

Someone I worked with suggested that I try something called "Knifty Knitters"'s loom knitting. I got some looms and I've so far made two hats. They aren't going to win any awards anytime soon, but they do the trick.

Knifty Knitter Looms

Through a bit of careful googling, I found Isela Phelps. She is a younger gal that wrote a book (that I now own) called "Loom Knitting Primer: a Beginner's Guide to Loom Knitting." She also runs the blog "Loom Knitting." She has fun modern designs and explains everything really well (even with video!)

Great book for loom knitting

My first knitted hat!

So, I'll continue to try to make some hats, maybe venture into blankets....maybe if I get crazy I'll try a sweater...for the baby of course.

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