Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Lace Flower

Hi There!

I have a little project to share today. I am one of those moms that likes to put flower headbands on her little baby. I like how it makes my little one actually look like a girl (since all babies look alike).

This project is very easy and for the flower, you don't even need a sewing machine!

I used this tutorial from Little Miss Momma to make the white lace flower. The other flower is a gift from my sister-in-law Tessa (she made the quilt featured in a previous post) tutorial for that one since it's her custom design! You can either attach the flowers to headband like the tutorial suggests. Or do what I do and attach the flowers to alligator clips with hot glue. That allows you to attach the flowers to either headbands or hats.

This flower actually came as a mistake. I did the lace flower, but it kinda turned out funny. So I cut away the lace and created this frayed flower. I kinda liked it so I kept it.

Now you can purchase a headband which can cost upwards of $5. Or you can make your own. Go to the ribbon section and buy the stretchy headband material. At Hobby Lobby the ribbon costs $1 a yard. You can makes lots of headbands within one yard. this picture which one is the store bought one? Which is the home made one? You'll never know!


Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Spray Paintin'

Hi There!

I have been a spray painting machine. I have spray painted a shelf (see below), planters, filing cabinet and my ribbon holder...just since I moved. This shelf went from a natural colored shelf to a blue one. (which I've indicated will match whatever color I decide to paint the walls)

After a lot of spray paintin,' I've decided to share my spray paint tips.


Blue Rust-Oleum Spray Paint High Gloss

My spray paint tips:

1) Prepare your surface. I neglect this step the most. Most of all, you will want to make sure that your surface is clean. Paint will peel off a dirty surface. For even coverage and paint that will stay for years, you may want to sand the surface & wipe down with cheesecloth and/or use a primer.

2) Shake....then shake some more and when you've thought you've shook enough, shake for another 30 seconds. Shaking your spray paint can insures you will have a long even spray.

3) Use long continuous strokes. Start at one end of the item and spray continuously all the way down the item.

4) When drip happens, let the paint dry first. Then sand the drip, and repaint.

5) High gloss looks nice and finished but will show more flaws. Matte is more forgiving but looks like spray paint. Use the correct paint. Read labels. If you're going to spray paint a plastic table, use the plastic fusion spray paint.


Craft Room Update

Hi There,

We are still moving into the new house. (I don't understand how I can still have boxes to unpack. It just doesn't seem possible) I have been working on the craft room here and there and it's starting to get there. I'm going to eventually paint the room, but I think that should probably wait until I have everything else this rate it will be years.

Here is the sewing corner. I eventually want a desk and a office chair for the sewing machine, but I'm waiting for the perfect fixer upper desk or an affordable one. I just got the bookcases (super cheap ones since I know I'll probably have to get different ones to fit a different space in a couple of years). The blue trunk is my photography supplies...I don't have a better place to stash it yet.

Kitchen island turned cutting/project table. It's the perfect height for cutting. The only problem is it seem to also collect projects. In this picture alone is a curtain project, infant hair bows, infant headbands....all of which are still hanging out.

Oh... I have to share my fun find. Two pairs of Cole Haan pair was $2 and the other was $15 plus Coach tennie runners for $15. I love thrift shopping!


DIY Wednesday: Ribbon & Wrapping Station

Hi There!

I was doing my daily One Pretty Thing cruising and found this tutorial for a ribbon and wrapping station on Someday Crafts. I was so excited that I actually tried it only a few days after she posted it!

I did my own little twist. I had this trim left over from my DIY island (which is now my craft room cutting table!) and decided to use that. I already had the blue spray paint for the dowels. Which means this ribbon holder cost me a whopping seven dollars.

By the way...isn't that lovely dark green color on the wall really really....boyish?!? I matches the blue dowels oh so well. (it will eventually match whatever color I pick out) I know it's something my husband would think is just fine...but this is a craft room and I am definitely going to be painting it....eventually. I should probably finish unpacking first.

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