Sunday, May 31, 2009

DIY Camera Strap

Hi There!
I finally got my camera here with me, so I could take some pictures of projects I've been working on. I am doing a top secret gift for my friend that is getting married in November. Plus I hopefully will have some other gifts to work on for friends that are experiencing some awesome milestones in the next year!
I decided until I get some new attachments for my sewing machine, I would work on some easy projects. Sprucing up my camera strap was a little project I wanted to do. It's nice because when I get sick of it, I just grab a seam ripper and take it off. I am in love with this fabric. I might just have to break down and make a quilt out of it.

Strap before...

Here's the fabric turned inside out and sewn down the side with the 1/4 inch seam

Here's the fabric on the strap

Unfinished Edges

Finished project


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