Saturday, March 13, 2010

Idea Thief: Fab Dining Room

Hello There,

I actually know where I'm going to live come August. I am pretty excited to actually have found a home to rent while my husband is working on his veterinary degree. The house is a older home that has been restored by the current owners (and looks fab!). They are very pet friendly, so we don't have to worry about the pups. (and finally, a fenced in backyard! I'm so excited to not have to sit there and watch the dogs when we let them out!)

Anyways, the new home is larger than our current home. (yippeeeee) Which means my focus has changed from "What can I do to improve this house" to "Is this going to fit into the decor of the new house?" I've already started plotting how to decorate the new home. The owners seemed okay with us repainting (we'll have to double check before we purchase paint) We currently have a gray living room and I'm IN love with the color. So I have to use it in the new house!

So, I'm thinking that our new dining room is going to have the gray treatment. I haven't had a dining room in our current home, so now I get to decorate a room with new table and chairs. I'm going to have to wait to find something when we move there (no point finding something now, storing it and moving it)...but I think I need to still figure out what I want. The room has white trim (which I love), but is currently quite red. I don't mind red but it's just not my style (however, the brown living room is quite my style and I love it! I won't be changing that and it's going to match my current chair and couch perfectly).

So, I was thinking something along these lines...a dark wood is a new thing for me. I'm usually either about painted white wood or light wood. So it would be a change to venture into the dark wood world. However, against light walls, it usually looks modern and mature. So, maybe it's about that time. I am having a kid so it's probably time to grow up.

I found this picture at Decorpad. I think it works...gray, white trim and modern. My favorite things!

Or something like this from House & Home.

So excited to get into the house and get some stuff done!


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