Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Lila

Hello There!

I am hoping to have a DIY Wednesday this week! Lila has gotten into a better schedule and I've started to figure out this mom thing. We took some pictures of Lila when she was two weeks old (she is four weeks now!). She has gained so much weight...I can barely believe it! The supplementing really helped her get back on track. I took these pictures on a picnic table in my backyard if you can believe it! It was slightly cloudy and which is just perfect for lighting.

Enjoy our little one! I made an announcement with this first picture, so I'll post that once I get it printed and mailed off to the family.

A little giggle...

Big Yawn!

She always has her hands on her face...this was true even in the womb! We never got a picture of her face because she was always touching her face.


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