Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gone Junkin': Retro Kitchen Finds

So, I finally got a job! I know. It only took around 85 applications and a year, but I'm officially employed. However, since I want to devote most of my evenings to loving my daughter (which I quite miss not spending all day with) and I have to get up at 5:30 to commute, that doesn't leave much time for blogging or crafting. So, sorry for the absence over the past week or so. But a girls got to have fun too, so I will definitely keep blogging!

Any who. Those wonderful junk occasional sales were going on again, and I snatched up some really cool retro red kitchen items. I have been searching for something cool to put kitchen utensils in, and I finally found a cool enamel pot with a red trim. I also found this neat retro kitchen dispenser thing and a fun white napkin holder.

You'll also see that I finally found a purpose for those blue mason jars I picked up (Although to be honest, I think I might switch it to something else I had in mind) and I did a little art for above the stove (which didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, but it will be good for the time being) I cut those letters from vinyl from hand, but I do see a silhouette in my future. :) Tutorial to come on how to cut them with an Exacto knife though.

My new retro kitchen. :) From left to right: New white napkin holder, foil holder, KitchenAid Mixer, new enamel pot, and my retro Betty Crocker Cookbook. My family has a tradition of buying a Betty Crocker cookbook for your daughter. My mom thought it would be fun to do a twist and got me one that was published in the 50's. It has a whole section on being a "proper wife" and gives suggestions about looking good while cooking (dress, heels and make up) and greeting your husband and hosting his work bosses.

As you remember I got this stool a few weeks ago at a garage sale. I cant decide if I'm going to clean it up and repaint and recover. Or if I'm going to leave it a bit rusty.

Fun unique piece


Utensil holder!

My fun napkin holder.

My new sign, jars and the lid to the pot I have utensils in.



Jenny said...


I love the new finds. I just read that they are going to stop selling the silhouette soon. Right now you can get them on sale. The company has come out with something new. They will still be selling the silhouette accessories though. I'll find the link and send it to you. (Just letting you know so you can buy a silhouette sooner rather than later!) :)

Eddel29 said...

i love this post. thanks for sharing.

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