Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Sunday: Distressed Desk

Hello There!

Today's project is two fold. First, I painted this desk to go on my front porch. I know, it's a bit odd to put a desk on the front porch. I wanted something smaller for the porch, but this desk was free, so it was perfect in that sense. I'm excited to keep decorating it with the seasons and holidays.

I tried to distress the desk and make it look a bit old. (Well, it is old after all. It came from a frat in Ames and was from the 50's) All I did was use some latex semi-gloss paint and then went to work on the desk with some steel wool.

The drawer on the desk will be a planter once it's spring.

The second project is amazingly easy and cheap. You take some mason jars. My jars came from pasta sauce jars. Then you take some acrylic paint and just paint the inside. It's that easy and they look so fun!

On a side note...can you tell that I've been using my nice camera? Normally I use my point and shoot, but my husband has it today. So, the nice camera came out. You can tell the difference but it's so much harder to pull the pictures up on my computer...that's the only reason I'm so lazy about using it!


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