Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Sunday: Christmas Decorations!


I'm very excited to share the decorations I've been putting together. Years ago I bought a bunch of cheap ones. I have been slowly making and buying nicer decorations to replace the cheap ones. I got a new tree this year, so it was fitting I made a new tree skirt.

This tutorial is from HGTV and is a NO SEW SKIRT!!!! I know...can you believe the power of the mighty glue gun?

In addition the tree skirt, I made some ornaments. I saw an example of this in Better Homes & Gardens. Super easy. It's a small embroidery hoop with ribbon.

In my family, we had a tradition of getting a new ornament for Christmas every year from my aunt and grandma. I have around 25 of them. My brother started the tradition with my daughter. This is the ornament he got this year.

 This is one of my favorite part of our rustic tree. I have an antique ruler as the star on top of our tree. (after I add one more element, I'll post my tree)

Another Christmas tradition in our house is my mother-in-law gets each of the families one piece to a nativity set they picked out every year for Christmas. My set is almost complete!

I had these letters from a previous Christmas craft. I decided to wrap them in yarn this year and hang them with my metal chain. That looks like a paper garland but it's actually of my favorite finds at an outlet store a few years ago. Those wreaths cost me less than $.50 I estimate. Micheals had garland on sale for $3.00 for 16 feet. I did the front of my house and had plenty left over for wreaths.

One of my favorite crafts from a few years ago. I decided to hang it on the wooden ladder in our living room.

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