Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Sunday: Burp Cloths

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I've slowly started to work on projects for our little one on the way. (When I feel like I'm able to keep my eyes open for longer than 10 minutes.) We recently found out we're having a little baby boy! We have a wonderful daughter already, which means everything we have is pink and purple except for the big items.

With my daughter, I made a ton of burp cloths. I thought I had made too many, and I ended up using every single one.

The burp cloths I made for my daughter.

Since I used pretty pink fabric, I decided it would be an easy project to cover up the pink fabric details with cute boy fabric. It's a silly project really...who cares if the item that is meant to clean up spit up is pretty? But, it's fun to dress up things sometimes, and I had the fabric so I figured I may as well.

I have a few hints when doing burp cloths. Many people put the fabric down the center. I wouldn't recommend this. You are covering up the more absorbent part of the cloth diaper, and the cotton fabric you decorate it with isn't nearly at absorbent. I would recommend putting it across the bottom. Also, some people also make burp cloths out of flannel. Flannel isn't all that absorbent either. Really, the most important part of the burp cloth is absorbancy. Cloth diapers have the same purpose and are great for using for spit up. Save some clothes from terrible spit up!

Camping fleece fabric.

Airplane fleece fabric

Monster fleece fabric


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