Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Show & Tell: My daughter's first project!


This last weekend my daughter and I had some time alone since my husband was on a studying binge before a big test. I was trying to sew some burp clothes I've had pinned (actually pinned...not Pinterest pinned) forever. I tried, unsuccessfully, to bribe her to watch some tv in the adjacent room while I finished up. She wanted to see what I was doing. I decided she was big enough to have her first sewing lesson.

I picked her up and put her on my lap. I explained everything I was doing just so she wouldn't try to grab everything in sight. (I have noticed that if I'm explaining something to her, even if she can't completely understand, she's more likely to sit still.) So, I moved the fabric through the machine slowly. I let her hit the reverse button when it was time to back stitch (the only button that was safely away from the moving parts of the machine). The reverse button is now called "Lila's Button"

After finishing up the burp cloths, I thought it would be fun to do a quick project together since she was still very interested in the machine. I had her come over to a fabric drawer, pick a fabric (no surprised she picked the new mermaid flannel I had found in a scrap bin).  Once she had picked the mermaid fabric, I asked her what she wanted to make. She exclaimed "Barbie blanket!!" I'm sure "Barbie" since she thinks all mermaids are called Barbie (she has a mermaid Barbie that has caused this confusion) and "blanket" because a piece of flannel fabric does look like a blanket. So, I had her pick a back flannel fabric (pink won over purple) and thread (once again, pink won over purple). I cut the two squares for her and we started sewing. I eventually got her her own chair to sit on since she kept exclaiming "Lap hurts!" (I'd think my over abundance of padding in my lap would make it comfy...apparently not)

Once we were done, Lila carried the blanket around for the rest of the day. Barbie even got to use it in a make shift crib in a box. I'm sure we'll have many more crafty lessons to come!


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Bethany said...

How sweet! When I read "not pinterest pinned" I had to stop and think for a minute about another way to pin something. Sad, I know.

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