Thursday, March 14, 2013

Handmade Christmas: Fishing Set

Hello There!
As you can imagine, I have been pretty darn busy with a new baby at home. He's already 3 months old! Doesn't seem like it's possible.

I have one more Christmas present to share that I couldn't share until after the holiday (we made a set for friends as well).

I got the idea to make a fishing set (from Pinterest of course). I used some felt, washers, dowels and magnets to create this fun set. I hand sewed each fish myself and decorated them with buttons.

I have to say, it ended up being one of Lila's favorite presents. She was a little scary with fishing pole. I thought she was going to take out an eye (we have since mellowed our "casting" technique).

Of course, I have to also share how much my beautiful boy has grown. (see pictures below!) He also got numbered onesies like the ones I made for a good friend a year ago. (Click Here for Post)

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