Friday, November 8, 2013

Woodland Baby Shower

Every once in a while I get the pleasure of doing some party throwing. A few weeks ago, along with three other ladies, I helped throw a baby shower for our friend Kerry. 

Kerry is having a little baby girl, but she is not a lover of pink and frills. No problem because we all happen to be lovers of rustic junky stuff and woodland nurseries. So, it was a match made in heaven.

We looked into a popular junk place an hour away initially but it didn't work out with what we wanted to plan. Time to start hunting again!

So we started looking around our area for a good space with lots of character. Lucky for us, The Good News Room was now hosting parties, and the place couldn't have been more perfect. Not to mention they handled food (that was delish) and even did some decorating of their own that was perfect for the event!

After we got the place, we picked up and made some different decorations. We also had some of the most amazing cookies EVER made. No seriously. Check them out and then check out Crilly's Creations. Amy is one TALENTED lady!

German Chocolate Mini Cakes by The Good News Room. Cupcake sticks by co-host Jenny.

Refreshment table! Decorations by The Good News Room

The infamous mason jars. They have made an appearance several times over on this blog. Mini banner made from some scrapbook paper and bakers twine.

Crilly's Creations Cookies!!!

The room. Burlap runners and center pieces from the hostesses and everything else from The Good News Room.

Food area. Decorations mostly from The Good News Room.

Tutu and hair bow bar. It was very fun. Definitely cool to see people make things with love for the baby girl!

Banner I made on my Silhouette.

The planning gang and little baby B hiding under Kerry's pink shirt. She's SO little for being ready to pop!

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