Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thirty-One Tips and Tricks: New Hostess Exclusive Item

Hello There,

I have a DIY post coming soon...as soon as I can get my iPhone to decide it's a good idea to upload pictures. Until then, I thought I would share my new work bag. Well, at least new to me in the sense it just joined the rotation of Thirty-One bags. I had been waiting to use it since it's much larger than the Cindy tote I was using previously. 

This is the new (hostess exclusive) Suite Success bag. It has a laptop sleeve, thermal zipper pouch (great for throwing a snack or soda into) and tons of pockets. (Seriously...tons). It also has a pocket that will allow it to slide over the handle of a rolling suitcase. Awesome!

What do I think of it? I do love the look of it. I wasn't so sure about the fabric when I saw it in the catalog. I would have preferred something more "twill" like, but the blue is actually very twill like in person (and not so denim jean like). The bag is pretty heavy. Super duper heavy. Now, I'm not sure if that's the bag or rather all the extra junk I'm sticking in it (like a huge bar review book). I have a fairly large work laptop, and it fits it nicely and fits all my accessories for work and studying. It also seems to be a better quality fabric than some other bags I have gotten in the past. Over all, I love it, and I love the yellow personalization I went with. (I tried to step out of my aqua comfort zone)

Contact me if you'd like to host your own party and be eligible to get this awesome bag (maybe even for free)!


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