Thursday, January 14, 2016

DIY Floating Shelves

Happy 2016!

I took a bit of a break over the holidays. I would like to say it was to rest or go on a fantastic vacation, but instead I got the stomach flu, then strep, then a sinus infection, and finally to round out my holiday break, I got pink eye. Great use of vacation time, huh?

Over my break I had all these ambitious plans to build all sorts of things, but in relativity, I mostly slept. (No regrets). I did find time between naps to work on these floating shelves for our bathroom.

In my last bathroom reveal, I was still trying to decide what was missing. The room was better, but there was definitely some things missing. One of those things was storage. In fact, that probably could be said about our entire house. We always need more storage. How do two tiny humans have so much stuff?!

I saw some great floating shelves on Shanty 2 Chic, and decided I was going to recreate them including the staining. I got a Kreg Jig for Christmas and some other fun tools, so it was the perfect project.

Except, it wasn't. I didn't quite follow the instructions and ended up messing up the project. It went from something I was really excited about to something I'm just a bit irritated by each time I walk by it. I didn't rip a board to fit the entire front of the shelf which created a seam down the front. I should have left that alone but then I tried to wood fill it. That didn't work so I then tried to caulk it. My plan to stain quickly changed to paint with all my mess ups.

Moral of the story? Follow the directions and don't keep trying to fix a do over with a band-aid (or caulk in this case). Oh well. They look okay for the money I spent on them (less than $20.00), and I do at least get some extra storage out of it. Right?

Before, In Between and...


Note those cool wire baskets? Dollar General find for $10.00!


Ugh. Wood fill disaster.


Better than before, but still looks wonky.


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