LB Earrings

My daughter has decided to start her own jewelry business, LB Earrings. 

The Back Story

The idea came about when I bought all the supplies to make her earrings myself. She has a knack for losing earrings, and I was getting sick of trying to hunt down affordable hypoallergenic earrings. Unless I bought pure gold earrings, I was never quite sure what metal was being used in the earrings. I started to make a couple of pairs, and my daughter asked if she could do it herself. After she made a couple of pairs on her own, she asked if she could sell them. I asked her who she wanted to sell them to and how. That lead to a larger discussion on how a business works. 

We sat down and created a business plan. I helped her figure out how much each pair was to make, she set a price point and we talked about what we were going to do with her earnings. She decided she wanted to donate $2.00 of every pair to someone in need. I gave her a bunch of local charities as options and she decided on Project Joy. 

After that, she made a logo that I rendered on the computer. She started making them, and I handled the more adult items like setting up a Facebook page, creating some items in Microsoft Word, and figuring out sales tax. She packages each pair and does the bookkeeping on what she has sold. 

I don't know how long she'll be interested in making and selling earrings, but I plan on teaching her and supporting her for however long she decides to go on this path. If you would like to buy a pair, she lists them online in her Facebook group:

Thank you! 

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