Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everyone needs a crafting space!

If you look around at different crafting blogs, there is usually one post they all have in common...a crafting space! We have a very unusual space in our house. It's an entry way or loft area before our bedroom. I suppose that if you were to have a baby, it would be a good nursery area, but seeing as we don't, I initially decided to use it as an office. However, over the past few years, I've noticed that I don't really need an office. Our law school gives us office space, and if I'm going to study, it will be at the school not at my house will all it's the wonderful distractions (tv, Wii, crafts, dogs, husband)
The closet in this space slowly was taken over with craft supplies. Eventually, I gave in and officially turned it into a crafting closet. Then, I decide I may as well set the desk up for crafting. So, I've included two pictures of my crafting closet. There were already shelves in the closet. I use different plastic containers to organize on those shelves. I made a purse out of blue polka dot fabric a year ago, but really found no need for it. So, it's now the holder of all my paints. I use a glass jar for paint brushes. I got a large glass container for all my different scissors. I had white crates from my days in a dorm room. I use those crates to organize my fabric.
You may be able to tell, I have an extra folding table to pull out if I need more counter space. (which is really awesome for scrapbooking!) I used to keep my sewing machine out all the time on the folding table, but I discovered I only use the machine in spurts. So, now I store it in my closet when I'm not using it. I have a comfy chair for reading (another one of my hobbies) in the corner. The chair has become the place for my dogs to watch me craft as well as my husband.

I got this fabric initially for some curtains in my kitchen. I have bright orange walls in my kitchen. I absolutely love them, but they give me some problems with decorating...I'm afraid of doing anything too busy since the walls are so bright. I thought this fabric would be nice and match my geometric theme of my house. When the fabric arrived in the mail, I realized it is too bright for curtains. So, now what do I use it for? I want to use it in the kitchen since the orange in it matches my walls... place mats? dish towels? napkins? hmmm.... We shall see!

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