Friday, March 27, 2009

First Post!

Let me introduce myself. I'm a law student that likes to avoid homework with craft projects. I don't have a particular area of crafting I stick to...hense the title of the blog, "The Dabbling Crafter." I do photography in my spare time as well, but I felt that my crafts should probably be on a different blog. I think there are probably different audiences for each blog. On Wednesdays, I am going to post a "best of" my crafts on my photography blog, but otherwise the crafts are going on this blog...the good, the bad, and the ugly. (probably more bad and ugly than anything!)

If you like to see some of the projects I have done so far, you can see my photography blog

On my photography blog I have pictures of these finished projects:
  • circle wall art
  • applying a wall decal
  • wooden signs that say: "We Believe in Santa Paws" "Be Thankful" "I live for the nights I can't remember with the friends I can't forget" and "Fall"
  • dog kennel cover
  • wine glass charms
I'm currently working on:
  • refinishing my bedroom dressers and mirror (1 down, 1 to go!)
  • sewing therapy bags: awesome instructions here
  • a t-shirt quilt...I've been working on this stupid thing FOREVER...
  • dog beds
  • curtains for my living room

Talk about busy! I should probably spend a bit more time studying...but to be honest I've been working on school so much lately, it's nice to take an hour of the day to work on something that is actually fun.

Well, once I finish more projects, I'll post them!


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