Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY Wednesday: Modern Quilting

Hello Everyone,

I thought I should get back on the DIY Wednesday band wagon. Until I have my own projects, I'm going to feature projects from other blogs. I get most of my ideas from these blogs, so it's only smart to give you the direct link to them. I'd suggest you add them to a feedburner or a favorite file on your browser. You will definitely be visiting these blogs more than once!

The "Kaleidoscope" quilt by Film in the Fridge ( is one of my favorite projects I can't wait to actually try-out. I have been thinking about taking up quilting for a while now, but the lingo and new tools are quite intimidating. (As you saw in a previous post, I bought a book to help with learning the trade) This particular quilt design however involves paper piecing which is basically the best thing ever. Film in the Fridge features a great tutorial. It literally makes the idea of quilting go from crazy hard to fairly simple. Plus, since my style is modern country (I was told this on HDTV the other day. I love modern and traditional Midwest country pieces mixed together) the sewing projects on Film in the Fridge's blog are perfect. You get the old world charm of quilts, but the colors and shapes are modern. Perfect for a 20-something quilter. And yes, contrary to my husband's thought on the matter, there are other 20-something quilters in the world.
Here’s the tutorial for this fun quilt:

Picture from Film in the Fridge:


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