Monday, September 21, 2009

Polka Dot BBQ

A couple of weeks ago I had a Back to School BBQ, and I had the misfortune of scheduling during Ribfest here in town. No matter, I had a good group of people, and we enjoyed ourselves. I created the Polka Dot theme based off the Polka Dot fabric I love from Hobby Lobby. BTW. Hobby Lobby has many of its fabric designs available in matching scrapbook paper.

Sorry about the blur...this is the whole spread with the canopy, lights, and decorations. We were in the mist of siding so that's the deal with the trailer.

Napkin rolls. I cut up the matching scrapbook paper and made the rolls from there. I tried to be a bit "green" with recycled paper napkins, recycled plastic silverware and biodegradable sugarcane plates.

One of the table settings..the other had a full tablecloth with a polka dot table runner. All no sew by folding edges under and securing with binder clips to the table.

Napkin rolls in my pretty new thrift store bowl. (got to love 10 cent bowls!)

Paper lanterns hanging from tree...isn't that shed ugly?!? I'm hoping the shed goes bye bye in a few weeks.

Closer picture of the paper lanterns (and my DIY bean bag game and DIY fenced in area for our dogs!)

I didn't get a picture, but I also had bowls and serving platters in the colors of the polka dot fabric. I also used the scrapbook paper to decorate the table for the buffet dinner.

I think the polka dot theme would be great for a baby shower. It's fun and playful and unisex!


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