Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, this summer I didn't really have access to a point and shoot camera, hence the lack of posts about my projects (pulling out the nice camera can be such a pain at times). Plus, I was working on 1 big project that I can't post about here (and it's still going on...I feel like it will never end!!!)

So, I'm back from my summer internship and I have loads of projects I'm working on.

Here are projects that I'm about to finish up:
  • a homemade island for my kitchen
  • custom napkins and table runners for a bridal shower I'm throwing at the end of the month
  • a custom sign for the bridal shower (among other decorations)
  • a painting for my craft room
  • siding on my house (okay..this is really a project my husband, dad and uncle are doing, but I thought I would throw it out there)
  • all sorts of fun decorations for a BBQ I'm throwing on Saturday

Here are some projects I have finished (and will hopefully be posting some pictures soon!)

  • completion of the "man room" (this was my husband's anniversary gift)
  • finished some art in the kitchen
  • made a lunch bag out of that dot fabric I'm obsessed with
  • bridal shower invitations
  • created privacy panels for the bamboo blinds I just hung (by myself...using power tools thank you very much)
  • various digital scrapbooking (I used to do actual scrapbooking, but I found I was creating most of the art on my computer and printing it...pointless...may as well just make photo books)
  • Bridal Shower Bingo cards for the shower I'm hosting

Okay..well I'll try to get on that picture posting...but until then you can see some of the pictures from the weddings I've photographed this summer at my other blog: http://kristamariephotography.blogspot.com


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