Friday, January 1, 2010

DIY Wednesday: It's a......

Hi Everyone,

I did a little project yesterday in celebration of an ultrasound I had on Tuesday. I've had two ultrasounds in two weeks. The first one we couldn't find out the gender, because the baby was facing away from us. The second one, the baby was doing the same thing. It was moving away from the ultrasound tech. After looking for a half-hour, the ultrasound tech still wasn't able to find out gender (in addition to not being able to get measurements of the heart for the neonatal doc). So she had me walk around the room for 15 minutes and then she tried again. After jiggling my stomach a couple of times, she was able to get a look. We found out it was a girl! It was very exciting. Otherwise, all the measurements looked great and baby is healthy. I go back for my next monthly ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure the blood thinners aren't affecting the growth of the baby.

So, I took two onsies I had recieved from my parents for Christmas, and tried this project I had saw on a couple of websites. I used pink felt to cut out "pearls" and hand drew a ribbon. I used pennies as a way to outline the circles for the pearls. I then used craft glue to secure the felt and then used pink thread to hand sew the felt on to the onesie. I think it turned out pretty cute. It's a great addition to the pink clothes I went and purchased after my appointment.


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