Friday, January 1, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Man Room

Hi There,

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary in May. It was a long year of marriage and deserved a really good celebration. We went to a nice dinner in Pierre. My husband gave me something that is always a good gift for me: Coach. I got a nice pair of sunglasses, a scarf and a key chain. I wanted to do something nice for him. I decided to renovate the "man room" in our place.

I painted the walls a light grey and covered the gross blue trim with some white paint. (okay...not some...about 6 layers) I painted the end table from the living room with dark brown paint. I got him a painting of pheasants on old barn wood. I also got him a sign that says "Gun Dog Inn Licking and Whining Permitted." This room also works as a guest room on occasion. I did some cleaning of his things like his desk and gun cabinet. Over-all, I think the room turned out pretty good.

The room "before"

The closet had no door, but now I have put up a curtain.

Lovely blue trim. Actually the trim doesn't look all that bad in this picture...but it's seriously bad in person. Looked great with the dirty white walls!

The "after" picture. The picture on the left is a print Adam won at a Pheasant's Forever auction. The one on the right is the painting I purchased for him.

New white trim with brown curtains


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