Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Weekend Projects

Hi Everyone!

I have loads of tutorial type of posts to get to eventually (bibs, blankets, changing tables, cloth wipes etc.), but I don't quite have anything ready to post yet. I even have some posts that aren't baby related! (Shocking, I know)

I crafted pretty much all weekend (and Monday and Tuesday), and I got LOADS of stuff done. Mostly baby related stuff like bibs, burp cloths, binkie holders and blankets. Most of it is for Baby Lila, but I did make a little bit for fellow expecting friends.

Weekend Projects

Left to Right: Bibs, Burp Cloths and Binkie Holders. The bibs are backed with super soft fleece material and have snaps (and a few with Velcro). The burp cloths are pretty simple pre-fold Gerber cloth diapers jazzed up (Gerber diapers are wonderful for burp cloths, but terrible as actual cloth diapers)

Monday & Tuesday Projects

Left to Right: Two contoured burp cloths, Gerber diaper burp cloth with matching bib, three traveling changing pads (the rolled up fabric), large receiving blanket (owl fabric) and a huge pile of cloth wipes (cut up flannel fabric).

I'll be explaining the process behind the bibs, travel changing pads, binkie holds and cloth wipes in forthcoming posts!


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