Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Charging Station


Today's DIY project is super simple, but it does the trick. We had out of control wires for charging our cell phones, MP3 players, Video and Point and Shoot Cameras. I thought about buying a charging station, but they run about 30 bucks and that's only with 3 or 4 stations (we needed much more)..buying one seems like a huge waste of money.


Canvas Box (4.99 at Target) A drink tray would also work!
Extension Cord (I had one sitting around but you can get them for pretty cheap)
Cord Straps (1$ at the Dollar Store)
Piece of Foam (I used air conditioner foam that was on clearance for 1$)


Step One: Plug in the cords

Take your extension cord and plug in all the various cords. Use your cord strap to bundle them together.

Step Two: Thread Cord Bundle

Take your cord bundle and thread it through the opening. I used the handle as my opening, but it might be more neat to create a hole in the back. I would use something like a drill bit to create the hole.

Step Three: Create Holes in Foam

Cut your foam to a size to fit in box. Using scissors, poke a hole through the foam for each charger cord. Thread charger cords through the hole.

Step Four: Place Foam in Box & Enjoy

Wedge your foam into the box and enjoy!


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