Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gone Junkin': Reuse, Recycle, & Rugs

Hi There,

Still unpacking the house. It seems like it never ends. My first project for this house is curtains. I currently have sheets or random fabric from my collection nailed up. I'll have some projects to post once I start down this road. I'm using some actual curtains (cheap ones from target), but as I usually do, I'm going make some curtains out of various more unusual textiles. More to come on that in the future. (Hopefully not too far into the future. I'd like to reclaim some sheets!)

Until then (or rather until I unpack the craft room and sewing machine!), I am researching ideas for various projects. I went around the house with a notebook and started to write down problems that I saw and now I'm researching and brainstorming solutions. (Curtains is probably 1# on that list!)

One problem...rugs. I used to live in a house that only had two rooms with hard floors (the kitchen & bathroom). Now I live in a house that has hardwood floors in the bedroom. Our bedroom is rather large, however, have you looked at the costs of rugs lately?!?!? It's out of control! (Along with the price of curtains!) The nature of the floors beg for rugs.

I've been researching solutions to this rug problem. I did find a solution to our bath mat issue with this little video at HGTV.com. I love it because a) it's cheap b) it's easy c) and it's green! I am definitely going to use the idea with my bathroom rugs. However, I'm playing with the idea of going bigger. What if I made an area rug out of re purposed t-shirts and fabric? The idea is pretty exciting to me. The video says that a typical bath rug takes about 2 hours to make. So if you beef up the size, the time still seems manageable. The issues I see are a) find this grid stuff in a large enough size b) working with such a big piece of rug (pretty awkward). I have no issues with finding the material. I am a bit of a t-shirt horder. And fabric horder. And I have no issues going and buying some second hand t-shirts too.

Hmmm. More research to be done!

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