Monday, September 13, 2010

DIY Wednesday; Shower to Window in 2 Easy Steps

Hi There,

This is a simple project for those who need cheap window treatments. Curtains are expensive especially when you have lots of windows! I got basic panels for downstairs (we have lots of windows downstairs) but I wanted something with a bit of print for the bedroom. We don't have a headboard yet and the dressers are white. There needed to be something.

Now, I've made a decision to work with the colors already in the house which means purple in the bedroom. Purple isn't my favorite, but I found some inspiration pictures that pair purple, brown and blue. So, I decided to go with brown curtains.

Printed curtains will probably end up costing you about 20$ a panel. I needed three. I instead got two fabric shower curtains. 1 shower curtain is the width of two panels. I cut it down the middle and hemmed the cut edge. Now, you don't even need a sewing machine for this! You could easily use hemming tape and an iron.

Target Shower Curtain: $21

Curtain cut down the middle. I took an iron and folded over the exposed edge by about an inch.

Final product. Turned out pretty good! I used book rings to hang the curtain. Don't use the rings from the shower department. They are way over priced. Head over to a Hobby Lobby and get 12 rings for a couple of bucks. (compared to 6 for 6 dollars at some stores!)

Now I should say that I did add some white fabric I had hanging around to the back of the panels to add a bit more privacy. You could skip this step if you have a blind hanging behind it, or grab an old sheet and attach that to the back. I don't personally care much what the back of a curtain looks like.

Enjoy your fantastic curtain!


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