Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Revamp Rod Pocket Curtains

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This project is quite simple but can really change the look of a plain curtain panel.

Curtain heading is the terminology for the top of a curtain. The most popular is a rod pocket. It looks like this:

(Picture from

I don't particularly like the rod pocket look. I think it's a bit more traditional than I like. I am more of a modern type of girl. So, the wave heading is exactly what I love. I had it on a different pair of curtains. It looks like this:

So, I found curtain panels that are the perfect color, inexpensive but were rod pocket. How do we fix this? Well it's pretty gosh darn easy!


Scrap Fabric
Curtain Panels
Sewing Machine (HOWEVER, you could use hem tape for this! No sewing required)


Step One: Cut

First you will need to cut your tabs. I had this brown canvas material left over from other projects. The good thing is you can use whatever scrap fabric you have sitting around.

You will need to cut the tabs to the following dimensions: length: 3 inches, width: 2 inches.

Step Two: Sew on Tabs

I placed my tabs six inches from each other. This meant that on average I had 7 tabs on each panel. (I say on average because I have the habit of eyeballing things)

I then did a simple straight stitch along the top and the bottom of each tab.

Step Three: Hang Those Curtains!

So, there is modern fun curtains in just a few simple steps!


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9fingers-10toes said...

I have been wanting to make my own curtains (actually for my son's room) for months! I just need to get motivated! Great work though, very inspirational :)
P.S. I passed on an award to you via my blog so check it out!!!

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