Friday, December 9, 2011

Show & Tell: Christmas Tree

Hello There!

I finally got the one element I was waiting for: burlap garland. My husband isn't so sure if he likes it, but I love it. And other people must too, because it was sold out of all the Micheals in the area and their warehouse. I ended up getting it from a yard and garden place that my friend Jenny found.

I'm pretty happy with my rustic red and gold tree.

In even more exciting and pressing news, my husband and I opened our gifts early. (His was XM-Sirus Radio, and I knew he'd want to get that set up before we did any traveling for the holidays) and he surprised me with the one thing I've been dying to get for over a year: a Silhouette Cutting Machine. I super excited! I haven't done a project yet, but I'll have to find time to try it out!

My tree
My new Silhouette Cameo! It's a good thing that I didn't get this earlier this year. This is the updated one that accepts 12 inches wide paper and it just came out in October.

Bows, handmade ornaments and dollar store sleds.

More ornaments.

Tree all lit up and pretty.
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Gayle Page-Robak said...

Love your tree...the burlap looks excellent! Well done.

Christine said...

Your tree is adorable. And, nice score on that Silhouette!

Pieced Pastimes said...

I am a big fan of burlap and your tree looks wonderful. I am sure your new Silhouette will be getting a lot of use.

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