Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY Sunday: Pinterest Projects

Hello Everyone!

I took a little time this holiday weekend to try a few project I had seen on Pinterest.

I have had these two canvases for about 3 years. They have been done and redone several times. I think I finally have them as I want them.

The first time I did them I put a bunch of circle scrapbook paper on them. It wasn't that great. 

The second time I did them, I hand cut vinyl (I didn't have a Silhouette yet) and it looked kinda odd with the two different size canvases. I still like the phrase, and I'm going to put it somewhere in my house. (Even though we're getting Silhouette vinyl-ed out in this house!)

So, here is the final result. Two canvases got split apart from one another. One went upstairs for a clock in my bathroom, and the other got some new prettier vinyl from the Silhouette for the kitchen.

This is my new kitchen art! I used a font called "Saloon" from Dafonts. Here is the Pinterest inspiration.

Here is my new clock. It was the first time I used a clock piece, but it was pretty easy to use. I'll probably eventually spray paint the hands so they aren't gold, but it works for now. Here is the Pinterest inspiration.

This is the clock with another Pinterest project. The toliet paper flower is kinda spray painted didn't work great, so I might go back over it with some acrylic paint.



Bethany said...

I love the clock!

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

Love the Strong Coffee- this is going up in my kitchen! Found you from the Flickr site- super excited!

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