Monday, January 2, 2012

Show & Tell: Pillowcase Dresses


I decided to spend a couple of hours tonight and make my daughter a few dresses out of some cute fabric I found this weekend.

I tried a new method where you do elastic instead of all ribbon. The first one I made was a big long, but I figure she'll grow into it.  (She was really thrilled to be a model....)

I made two dresses out of my second fabric. I used a onesie we had for the top and did a skirt with the rest of the fabric...then I did another "pillowcase" dress. I might jazz up this first one with some green ribbon around the waist if I find some I like.

Not everything turns out nice...that's for sure. I thought I would try to make my daughter a shirt out of the scraps from the first dress. That didn't work so good...then I decided to turn that into a dress for her doll....and that didn't really work either. Oh well. We will make it work.

Kinda a weird kimono look.

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Anonymous said...

I love these dresses! No one would ever guess they started out as pillow cases. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom who sews. Thanks for inspiring me to do more sewing.

I'd love for you to share this and future projects at my weekly Show & Tell party. It kicks off every Wednesday at

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