Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Handmade Christmas

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Christmas seems SO far away, but soon enough it will be just around the corner and we'll have a fourth family member! Planning for a new baby around the holidays means my Christmas planning has to come a bit earlier than normal. Although, I'd like to know Wal-mart's excuse for starting so early...who is buying tree trimmings in early October?!?

I have decide this year to attempt to make a majority of the gifts we are going to give our daughter. I might try to make some for other family members, but I'm really focusing on my two year old right now. Not only does this make fiscal sense since my husband is still in school and we're having another baby, but since she's only two, she hardly knows the difference between "store bought" and "handmade."

About a month ago, I started a pin board on Pinterest (click on the hyperlink to go to the board!) and started collecting ideas. Since I started so early, I could wait until supplies are on sale or until I find something used. For example, I knew I wanted to make some hooded towels (her newborn ones just aren't cutting it anymore), but at $15.00 a pop at Target, I knew handmade would be cheaper. Since I started early, I happen to catch towels while they were on sale as part of the "back to school" campaign. Each towel with ribbon decoration will cost me about $6.00...over half off store bought.

This is the Pin I have for hooded towels. I checked it out and the tutorial is great!

Picture from One Simple Bliss

I also was looking for projects that would use supplies I already had. I *kinda* have accumulated some fabric over the years...and by "kinda" I mean I have an entire closet full. I also started saving large and small scraps a few years ago. So, a scrap busting project would be perfect.

My daughter is learning her ABC's right now. (She gets up to G, then starts from the beginning again). She does enjoy to look at the ABC's and see if she identify any of the letters. She also enjoys identifying colors. A pin for plush fabric letters was just the ticket for busting some scraps. 

This is the Pin I found for fabric letters.  The Pin no longer goes to the tutorial; however, I think it's pretty self explanatory. I used some fusible interfacing to make it a bit easier to cut the letters out, but I'm not going to be too fancy. I'll post a tutorial when I finish. This was a great "in front of the tv after bedtime project".....I like those because I spend time with the husband and get some stuff done. (I hate just watching tv. I have to be doing something.)

There are some other ideas I'm throwing around. I do like the snowman kit. I think that would be a good gift for any kid of any gender. I also am going to make some felt food. I think a stuffed sewing machine would also be an excellent project. (More scrap busting!) There's got to be some dress up ideas in there. I'll probably make some sort of bean bag/lounge chair as well. Maybe I'll also make a tent.

Picture from Sometimes Creative
There's so many handmade ideas out there! Do you have a project planned for your little ones?

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