Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemade Christmas: Bowling Pins

Hello There!

This is a super easy & super cheap present! I decided to make my daughter a little mini bowling set.

Rather than go buy a set for around ten dollars, I decided to make one for (almost) free!


-Pop Bottles (I used the same type of bottle so the design and lid would be the same)
-Acrylic Paint (I had some sitting around the house. If you do buy some, they run about $0.50 a color)
-Ball (I just decided to purchase a small Nerf like ball. You can find them at the dollar store or a local retail store)


1. Completely wash and dry the pop bottle.
2. Remove the label and all the sticky glue. I decided to remove mine with some scissors. I scrapped the glue right off.



3. Squirt a fairly liberal amount of paint in the bottle. Put the lid on (tight) and shake until the entire bottle is covered. You may need to add more paint. You can have fun with this if you decide to add different colors. I had a few "marble-ized" pins.


4. Take lid off and put some where safe (i.e. away from kiddos) to dry. Replace lid when dry, and you have a bowling pin!

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