Sunday, December 2, 2012

Handmade Christmas: Dinosaur Tail


It's time for another handmade Christmas present. This one was completely free to me. I had the fabric, felt and stuffing sitting around. I made a dress up dinosaur tail!

I just winged it. I cut the purple fabric in the triangle shape and with the right sides touching, put the felt spikes in. To make sure the spikes stuck up, each spike is two pieces of felt hot glued together. (hot glued after don't want to gunk up the needle!)

I left the big side open, and turned it so it was right side out. I stuffed it pretty full and sewed up in the big end. I made sure the waistband was sewn into the big end when I was closing it up. (zig zag stitched over and over to make sure it holds) I was going to make a strap for the waist, but I decided that I had some fold over elastic (in a fun pink color) sitting around, so I may as well use that.

I'm pretty excited about how it turned out! I'm sure there will be a ton of "Rawr"-ing in our house.

This might be my last post until I have Baby B! I am scheduled to be induced Tuesday morning. Wish me luck!

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