Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hunting Lodge Nursery


We are home with our little bundle of joy, Finn! Big sister is in love, and mommy and daddy are pretty smitten too. Thought I would finally share our "Hunting Lodge Nursery." Click on the images for a larger picture.

Our nursery! The DIY projects in this picture are: the cardboard deer head, curtains, game board frame, and rug.

The other side of the nursery. As I've said in the past, we were dividing two rooms, so the curtains separate the master bedroom and the nursery. I got the curtain wire and curtains from Ikea for close to nothing.

The pictures above the changing table. The "f" alphabet letter is vintage as well as the Huckleberry Finn cover.

The bed skirt was a DIY project. Very very easy. I used hem tape to hem all four sides of the fabric panel and then attached the fabric to the crib with velcro. The fabric is a bark pattern.


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