Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pinterest Report: Spring has Sprung!


Every year I get flowers for my pots as a mother's day gift. I'm so glad we started this tradition since it's something we can do as a family.

Did I say as a family? What I meant was a flower blood bath of destruction.

The past two years I had a baby then a 2 year old that couldn't really "help" but sure tried and it was so cute.

This year I had a three year old that apparently has been going to night school after bedtime since she officially knows it all!

Okay, it was still pretty cute, but it was definately a change of pace from previous years, and there were definitely some tragedy along the way. I tried to get her to use her cute small watering can and spade. Nope. Those items aren't as fun as the adult versions. The watering can was too heavy so she basically watered everything but the plant including baby brother. He didn't seem to mind the impromptu bath.

Then, she started rearranging flower pots. And by rearranging I mean she was removing flowers form the pots and putting them in other pots.

Then, she decided she needed to rearrange the handmade pots I have. I had one that she colored on her birthday last year and one that had her brother's foot print from this mother's day. At least Finn's survived the day. After breaking the pot and her trying to "fix" it for a half hour, I gave up and put Tangled on until dad got home. Sometimes you just have to know when you're beat.

This year, I added another pot to the mix (as a result of buying more flowers than I needed). I am definately going to use my My Lowes card next year. It's been a god send when it comes to getting more paint or accessories for different appliances. I also did a little DIY project.

So a few weeks ago I went to a garage sale. I happen to hit it right before it closed and snapped up eight glasses and this beat up old strainer for a buck. Score!

I remember seeing this pin ago where someone turned a strainer into a hanging pot. I thought about doing that with this one, but my Type A personality wouldn't allow me to do just one hanging pot..there has to be two. So, I decided I would do a little pot on my desk (that also doubles as a potting table).

I was going to line the strainer with lanscape fabric (I read somewhere that's what you should do with these unsual planters). I went to my shed and couldn't find the roll that I swore was in there. So I looked around for something else. I saw that I had just thrown some burlap ribbon in the trash from a old "fall" display. I think burlap also works the same way as the landscape fabric. I hope.

So now I have a fun vintage planter that will hopefully let my plant live longer than plants of the past. I've had an orchid alive since Valentine's Day so maybe I'm getting better...or maybe orchids are my thing since you don't have to water them much.

 Yes, the stepping stone is still around. It's somehow managed to get more ugly with time. I just don't have the heart to throw away such an epic fail. Read about it here.

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