Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thirty-One Tips and Tricks: Perfect Bottle Thermal

Hi Friends,

I had a interesting idea this morning, and I thought I should share it. I was out of coffee cups for my morning coffee. (They some how find it difficult to make their way back in the house from my car). So I decided I'd just make some extra coffee and fill up a thermos for my morning commute. I usually wait until I get to work or fairly close to work before drinking my coffee anyways. I was thinking about how I could keep the coffee warm until I got to work since I commute an hour to work each morning. (Lucky me, right?)

I remembered that I had the Perfect Bottle Thermal for wine bottles. It was the perfect size for my thermos! I put my coffee in it. Today the weather was terrible, and my hour commute turned into a 2 hour commute. I know, you're probably jealous of me right now. Using my thermos (which doesn't retain heat all that well) and my Perfect Bottle Thermal, my coffee was still hot when I got to work. And after today's commute, that was necessary. sounds a bit better at this moment. ;)

Photo via Instagram. Follow me! @thedabblingcrafter


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