Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Show & Tell: Rustic Nativity Scene

Good Morning!

I first have to apologize. The posts are going to be Christmas heavy for a while because I went on a project blitz over Thanksgiving break. I think one of the worst parts about moving is trying to figure out what goes where and that's doubly true for Christmas decorating. Last year I finished in one day because I already had a place for everything and nails to match. Now, I'm still moving things around. I also didn't have much in the way of outside decorations. What I did have looked so small on our acreage.

I found a inspiration picture from Pinterest (Click here for the pin). It was a rustic nativity scene on pallet wood. I checked out Jodi Marie Pallet Designs. Etsy shop (Click here for her adorable shop) the pin is from since she is very reasonably priced (and her stuff is super cute!), but didn't find the nativity scene. Other neat stuff, but no nativity scene.

I decided to make my own. I didn't use rustic pallet wood since it's harder to find. I picked up some pre-cut cheap pine from Lowe's. The pre-cut section is my favorite part of Lowes, because I can put it in my car to haul home much easier. I happen to have navy blue paint out from a different project, so I used that as my backdrop. I first penciled the design on the wood free hand and then painted it in like it was a paint by numbers with some acrylic paint. I put a clear coat on top, but didn't make it too thick. I want the design to weather through the seasons.

I'm pretty happy with my little project. The entire thing took an evening and about $6.00, and now I have a fun addition to my front porch.


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