Friday, January 30, 2015

Aqua, Mint and Blue, Oh My!


Now that we're done painting our open area upstairs, I am on to the next room: my office. My office is a disaster. It befuddles me why it's a mess. I spent all day working in my office, so in theory I should be able to keep it organized. My office back in Des Moines was clean. I was a bit crazy about keeping it that way. Yet at home, it's the room that you cram any random things you find into and most certainly the door you close when guests come to visit. I've almost got the house tour down: "Here's the bathroom that I've done a few things in and there's my office it's a disaster and here's our bedroom."

I can't even blame the kids! They aren't allowed in my office, and we generally keep it locked during the evenings and weekends. Yet, here it is being a hot mess every single day.

The major issue in this room is the lack of storage solutions. I have a closet that is crammed from floor to ceiling with craft supplies which is actually pretty darn organized even though it looks crazy. The rest of the room that needs help. My Thirty-One bags are stacked in one corner, work papers are stacked on my desk and there's tools and remodeling supplies piled in a corner.

What organization I have is left over from our various moves and doesn't match. This just adds to the disorganized feeling of this room. But, like all good first born children, I have a list and a game plan. Now I just need the time, money and energy to implement it.

The Game Plan
1. Inspiration

When I started thinking color comboations for my office, I didn't have to look very far. The notebook I was keeping my ideas in had exactly the colors that I wanted to bring into my office. I love the coral/red, aqua and navy accents.

2. Final Color Choice.

I usually don't take the time to get color samples. I just pick a color and go for it. In reality, that's pretty stupid. I discovered that in my main living area. Loved the color in our living room, not so sure about the color in the kitchen. They look completely different. So, I bit the bullet and bought several different samples. I'm really glad I did. Originally I was sure the second from the bottom would be the color. Whoa. On the wall it's very dark and in your face. Not the light calming mint color I was looking for. The color I fell in love with was one I wasn't so sure about in the store. It's the second from the top. That's the new wall color I chose!

Colors (Top to the Bottom): Sauna by Valspar, Pantone Beach Glass by Valspar, Malted Mint by Olympic One, Dive In by Valspar, Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue by Valspar

One thing that I don't mind about getting samples, is having all those samples sitting around. I LOVE samples from Valspar. I use them all the time for projects around the house. I feel like I'm getting a little collection started now!

3. Game Plan. (Click on pictures to enlarge)


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