Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ugly House Office Renovation Reveal

Good Morning! 

First off, if you've got some mad detective skills, you may have noticed a new website address. I finally got a domain name for my blog! I figured 7 years was long enough to stay hosted on Blogger.

Second, I'm finally {mostly} done with my office renovation! The work was primarily cosmetic, but a couple weeks of work (with two kids under 5) made a huge difference. The only thing left is to recover my office chair. Check out Ugly House's home office post-renovation!

I started the organizing process, but other things started piling up.

 A hodge podge of what storage I had and the colors already on the wall.


New DIY desk. Click on here for the tutorial.

New magnetic message boards. Click here for the tutorial.

DIY paint marker accent wall (Click here for the tutorial)

Paint Area

Paint Supplies (I paint a lot)

DIY Industrial Lights. (Click here for the tutorial)

DIY White board. White board vinyl from my local dollar tree. 

Simple organization using chalkboard labels from the dollar section from the Dollar Tree.

New fabric cover over the lamp shade. New Thirty-One organization on a rolling wire cart.

My daughter drew me a picture of the two of us holding hands.

New panels sewn for my metal printing shelf. 


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