Sunday, March 29, 2015

DIY Sunday: Silhouette Vinyl Accent Wall

Happy Weekend!

A couple of months ago I shared my daughter's room (View the post here). It's very coral/pink. That was her one request when we went to move, and we decided to go with it. I felt like her room was missing something and threw the question out to you readers to give some recommendations.

One very good idea that was brought up a couple of times was doing something with the main wall. We just finished the Wizard of Oz, and we're on a bit of a rainbow kick. So, the idea started out with rainbows. I decided that I didn't want to go full on rainbow (that wall is pretty bright without adding in red and yellow). So, that idea moved to rain clouds.

A couple of years ago I got a Silhouette cutting machine. It's like the Cricut machine, except you have the freedom to create your own shapes. No cartridges to buy. You can buy individual shapes, you can find silhouettes online and trace them, or if you're really tech savvy, create your own shapes.

On this particular project, that's precisely what I did. I did a simple Google search of "cloud silhouette" and pulled a piece of clip art in the public domain to trace. I did the same with the hearts that I used as raindrops.

Shortly after getting my Silhouette machine, I also discovered that vinyl is much cheaper online. This entire project cost me about $10.00. I order all my vinyl through Expressions Vinyl. They are a family owned company out of Idaho. I have never had a bad order experience, and I usually get my order within just a few days.

The entire project took a half hour or so to create on my computer and another half hour to cut. The application was pretty darn easy since there wasn't the need for a transfer paper. Oh man, I hate using transfer paper. The vinyl is a pretty bold statement, but for a little girls room, I think it works. And if I grow to hate it, it's completely removable!




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