Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Handmade Christmas: Princess and Hero Peg People

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Every year I try to make a couple of handmade gifts for the kids. I have fun doing it and (usually) they have fun playing with them. {Click here for a round up of all my previous handmade gift ideas} This year I ordered some peg people off Etsy to make a chess set {Click here for the tutorial on my super awesome Harry Potter chess set}. While I was ordering those pieces, I thought it would be fun to order a set of boys and girls to make some sort of Christmas gift for the kids.

Contrary to what I've have tried to teach my daughter, she is very much a girly princess type of girl. No problem with princesses, but I want her to know it's okay to have other pursuits. My son loves super heroes, specifically Spider-Man and Batman. So I decided to make a set of princesses and a set of super heroes from the peg people.

This project is very inexpensive. I think each set of peg people was maybe $5.00. The real expense is having the time and patience to draw out what you want to do and letting each layer dry completely. I got frustrated when I had to redo something due to an unsteady hand. Once I was done with the people, I took some superhero fabric and princess fabric and created storage rolls for each set. My thought process is these would make perfect toys to throw in my purse if we're going out to eat. That way my kids aren't glued to a phone or iPad while we're waiting for food.

I had a ton of fun doing this and I'm thinking I might do something similar (on a smaller scale) for Valentine's Day.

Batman, Superman, Captain American and Spiderman

 Elsa, Rapunzel, Anna and Cinderella.

The carrier for the peg people was very easy to make. I first cut out a piece of fabric large enough to cover the people and have some left over to fold over. Then I placed the peg people on the fabric so I could pin pockets for each one.

I made sure to add straps before I sewed everything together.

Ta da! Perfect roll for transporting peg people.


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