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Flashback Friday: 22 Handmade Christmas Present Ideas


Can you believe we're getting close to Christmas? I think I saw something online about it only being 60 days away. Crazy! Halloween might actually be a pretty nice day. When I was in 1st grade, we had a huge snow storm (I was living in North Dakota at the time). I remember that the snow was taller than me. My brother and I had to be lifted over my parent's heads to even make it to doors since the snow was above my parents' waists!

Every year I try to make something for my children for Christmas, and I try to start early. I like the idea of handmade gifts. To be honest, the handmade gifts I received over the years are the ones that are still sticking around and probably being used by my kids today. However, on Christmas morning it seems like the handmade gifts get thrown to the side for the cool, usually very loud, shiny new toys. A little something inside of me dies when I see that. (Probably some of my ego) But usually they come back to playing with the handmade gifts. Right now they are loving their felt food and kitchen, high chair and dress up closet.

I decided for this Flashback Friday I would share some of the past projects I've done. I can also give you an update on how things have held up. (Sharpie Mugs are still going strong!)

Color Block Wooden Spoons

Believe it or not, these spoons have found their way into the dishwasher and are still painted! I would add to my previous tutorial (which can be found here) that you will want to cover the spoon part when you spray or paint anything. You want to keep the surfaces that touch food food safe.
Sharpie Mugs

I asked my aunt today if her sharpie mugs were faded or colorless. I had assumed they were since so many people had issues with theirs out in the blogsphere. My aunt said hers still look brand new. She does handwash her mugs to keep them looking new. (Click here for the tutorial)

Indoor Snowballs

I made these as part of our Frozen party, but they would be a great gift to little kids (and they're super easy). You could make up a nice drawstring bag to match. Ours are still getting plenty of use 6 months later.  (Click here for the tutorial)

Custom Flour Sacks

I did this for myself as well as the grandmas in my life. One idea is to use handprints of each of the kids (or grandkids). I also like punny kitchen sayings. (Let's be honest. I like punny sayings in general. It's the mom gene.) (Click here & here  for the posts)

Kennel Cover

This gift is for the hunters and/or dog lovers in your life. It took me a while to get this done, but it's gotten plenty of use since I made it. Cash also loves not freezing his bum off when he's stuck in the back of a pick up truck. (Click here for the post) Dog beds are also super easy as well as braided fleece chew toys!

Arm Knitted Scarf

I just learned how to arm knit this past month. I made my daughter a cowl to go under her snowsuit and a matching one for her doll. It's only about $10.00 and an hour of work to get a really neat gift idea! (Click here for the post) You could also be really ambitious and make a throw blanket or rug.
Elsa (or Princess) Dress

I made this Elsa dress in one night. It's pretty easy to make a straight dress like this. I just wrapped the fabric around my daughter and sewed up the side. I added the cape and sleeves, and my daughter is ready to never "Let It Go"...hehe more puns. (Click here for post)

Headbands and Bows

You don't need to know how to sew for this project. You just need a hot glue gun and a little bit of fabric. Try matching it to the princess dress you just made. (Click here and here for the posts)

Reversible Casserole Cover

I made these for a couple of friends a few years ago. I regret not making one for myself. I love how the fabric reverses and the fact they're thermal. And cute. Don't forget cute! (Click here for the post)

Coffee Cozy

This is a super simple project. I love to make these and pair them with a Starbucks gift card. (Click here for the post)

Camera Strap Cover

This is a great idea for those photographers or someone you know is getting a new camera for the holiday. You can make this to slip on their strap so they have something bright on their camera. (Click here for the post)
Therapy Sacks

I have made these for some of my older relatives/friends who have the occasional ache and pains. I infuse them with just a hint of smell if I know that's something they will like. They make the house smell so good! (Click here for the post)
Fishing Set

This is a pretty easy project you can do even if you don't have a sewing machine. You could even use a hot glue gun if you didn't want to hand sew the fish yourself. Hint: You can always use a hot glue gun. (Click here for the post)

Felt Food

These toys have gotten a ton of play in our house. I'm actually making more for this Christmas. I have planned on a pizza and more sandwich type things. (Click here for the post)

Hooded Towels

This is one item that we use all the time. I want to make another set that is more playful like superhero capes. (Click here for the post)

Wooden Popsicle Set

This project was an idea from Ana White. I love love love the idea. I'm so happy my mother-in-law helped me with this one. It was a big hit and after two years, it's getting used pretty much twice a week. That has to be a toy record in this house! (Click here for the post)

Dinosaur Tail

This one for the boys (and girls!) Who doesn't want to be a dinosaur? "Rawr" was one of my kids first words. It's a pretty easy sewing project (yet could use the hot glue gun too). I want to wear it myself. (Click here for the post)

DIY Wooden Puzzle

I like to think I came up with this idea on my own, but it was really my mother-in-law's idea. I did do the work myself and I'm pretty happy with the result. My daughter is much bigger now (and beyond this type of puzzle), but it's been good for learning how to spell her name. (Click here for the post)

High Chair and Wardrobe

I don't have links for these two awesome projects, because my super crafty brother made them! Craft runs in the family. He got the wardrobe plans from Ana White. He did have to modify it a bit from the plans because there were some issues with the length of the closet rod. (I believe he said it was too short in the plans). The highchair was hand painted by his now wife.


This project is very nice. You can use scrapbook paper or photographs. You just need tiles and some Mod Podge! (Click here for the post.)

Hot Chocolate Spoons

I did these a couple of years ago. I wasn't overly impressed by the recipe, so I would suggest doing some searches on Pinterest. They do work pretty slick.

$2.00 Solar Light Mason Jars

I made these a couple of years ago. They faded after a couple of years. I decided I was going to try them again with outdoor fabric (or spray Scotchgard on the cotton fabric). Otherwise they worked good for years! (Click here for the post)

Do you have any handmade ideas? I'd love some more projects to put under the tree!


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