Thursday, June 16, 2016

DIY Oil Cloth Tablecloth


We took our vintage trailer, Myrtle, out for the first time last weekend.

While we were getting ready for her maiden voyage, I had some small projects I wanted to try out (a banner for her "ugly" side and covering up some ugly storage solutions). One item I had saw on Pinterest was the idea to add grommets to a tablecloth. I decided to take it a step further to make a tablecloth that would be durable enough to last several camping seasons.

I just so happen to have one yard of striped and one yard of gingham oil cloth I had ordered online. I had originally thought I was going to use it as upholstery, so I ordered a yard of each to test out the fabric. I decided it wasn't quite right for that purpose, but it turns out to be perfect for tablecloths. The fabric is also fairly affordable and comes on a rather wide bolt.

I split the striped fabric down the middle. Since the fabric doesn't fray, I didn't have to hem the edges of the fabric. I simply had to sew each piece of the striped fabric to the gingham piece.

Once I did that, I decided to add grommets, or rather "extra large eyelets" to the tablecloth. What the grommets allowed me to do was add bungee cords under the table. It kept the tablecloth from blowing around and secured it straight to the table.

The tablecloth worked fantastic even during a windy camping trip. It wiped down very easily (even sticky marshmallows and permanent markers came right off...don't even ask why that combo appeared on my picnic table)


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