Sunday, October 16, 2016

DIY Monkey Bars


A couple of weeks ago my daughter came up to my husband with a piece of paper. On the paper she had drawn "blueprints" for a bar she wanted my husband to build. She explained that she had been doing flips off the bar at school, and she wanted him to build her a bar for the house.

Being a DIY family, my husband decided not only to make the bar she drew up but to also make her a set of monkey bars. We don't have a fancy play set at our house, but have swings, play houses, secret paths throughout our acreage. So, while the kids and I were out of town for the day, he went to the home improvement store and got supplies for monkey bars.

To create the monkey bars and flip bar, he used a mixture of solid 4x4 lumber pieces, lag bolts, and metal pipes for the bar portion. The entire thing got Quikrete-d into the ground. The play set has been a huge hit and our daughter has the calluses on her hands to prove she uses them daily. Now if there was something to help me handle the anxiety of her hanging upside down, we would be set.



Jamie Lopez said...

Just wondering how he attached the metal poles?

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering how the cross bars were attached to keep them from turning?

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