Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 Fall Decoration Tour


Long time no talk, huh? Having a newborn baby really takes it out of you. The kiddos are with my husband for about 10 more minutes, so I'm trying to get a blog post out real quick here. I can't believe our Sweet Cheeks is already 7 weeks old. It went by so fast. She's smiling and doing all that cute baby stuff (and of course lots of that not so cute baby stuff too).

Anyways, the hubby decided to take a hunting trip with some buddies last week, so I decided to get a bit of fall decorating done. I kept most of the decorations I had last year. Click here for my 2014 Fall Decoration post. I did add a couple of new things this year, so I thought I would check in and share our new decorations.

The big thing I did was really quick paint a new big sign. You might recognize the wood. The reverse side is from my 2015 Christmas sign. So once Thanksgiving is over, I just flip over the sign, and there's new decorations for the corner of our acreage.

The other thing I did was cut down some corn stalks (from my in-laws...don't be going around cutting down random people's's a good way to get shot) and add the really fun sign I got from the Junk Jam this summer. (Side note: Every time I photograph my front door I groan at how ugly it is. Painting the exterior and new lights are 1# on the DIY list next summer!)

The kids painted on some pumpkins. I should son painted 5 pumpkins blue and my daughter painted one. I grabbed some corn and gourds from my in-laws and put them in a old metal picnic basket I had sitting around.


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