Friday, November 18, 2016

First Lutheran Preschool Silent Auction

We have our first snow fall of the season, and it's a blizzard to boot. Since most of our scheduled activities are cancelled, I took the opportunity to make some things for the upcoming Festival of Trees for the First Lutheran Preschool in Volga, South Dakota. The festival is on Sunday, December 11th and will have a ton of activities including a free will donation soup and sandwich meal, a cookies and canvas painting class for both children and adults, and a silent auction.

It was fun to make some Christmas decorations for the silent auction, since I've pretty much hit my decoration limit at home. Some of the local stores started putting out their Christmas craft supplies and I was looking for an excuse to pick up a couple of things.

Some of the items I made are going to be grouped together in a little bundle of coordinating decorations.

The first bundle is my hunting/deer bundle. It will have this simple wreath, a little tree (great for an entry or as a centerpiece) and a table runner. I still need to make some fun shotgun shell ornaments to go on the tree. My husband was really disappointed when I asked him to go out and shoot some stuff so I could have the shells. I'm thinking about adding some red ribbon to the table runner as well so it ties in better with the other two items.

The second bundle is going to have this handmade sign and handmade dog treats.

The last item will stand alone and is a fun Christmas card holder. (The camera wasn't cooperating with me. The sign isn't this dark. Also, it's about four feet long with spots for 12 or more cards, but the camera wasn't wide angle enough.)

I plan on decorating a tree for the event with our local Girl Scouts, so I still have to round up those supplies. (Oh man...more craft supplies to get? How will I ever survive?!?!?) Do you see a theme here? I'm really really liking playing with cursive and paint.

Make sure you check out the festival for some fun silent auction items (both Christmas and non-Christmas related) and some fun activities. The money raised goes straight to the preschool which is a wonderful program both my older children have been apart of.


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